Inkling/ /ˈŋklŋ/

(n) a slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint

Psara Piercing has been built and nurtured with care of you, the client at its heart. Now we have grown into the first choice for piercing in Essex, the question:

what else can we do for our wonderful clients?

has led to a new service at Psara Piercing; Inklings.

In an industry where clients are often scared and vulnerable, the trusting relationship between a tattooist and their client is too often neglected.

Potential clients are turned away, spoken to rudely, refused help when they need it and left feeling out of control of the process of making decisions about their own bodies.

It is common for my clients to come for piercings and plead for an accompanying tattoo service

where people can be sure they will be treasured and cared for, we have created an environment of trust and friendship and a move into tattooing seems to be a service that we could provide in a way that is uniquely client-focused and committed to the benefit of others and not of ourselves.

Of course, there were two major problems with this - I didn’t know how to tattoo and we are somewhat spoiled for talented tattoo artists in the area, from whom I do not desire to take any clients.

The model for Inklings is to provide a service for those who are not served by existing local artists…

…those of you who are looking for friendliness and care, who simply wish to be treated with love and kindness, who need to have their story heard or at the very least acknowledged since the tattoo is often so much more than just a picture on the skin.

You are the people we wish to serve. 

We have stories to tell. We have recovered from such sadness and distress, experiences we would never wish to repeat but that nonetheless have formed a part of our identity, we will remain forever changed.

A body is an outward hint towards your inner story- a nod to the memories and the changes that have occurred through our lives.

We tentatively step into a studio and bravely ask a stranger to help us make the marks that we will carry with us on the outside that hint at the marks we carry on the inside.

We bravely ask,

‘take care of my heart’…

When this request is denied without amendment, without kindness or reverence, without recognition that our hearts are fragile and that our inner scars can be deepened by this lack of care we turn to leave, filled with that sense that we have not been seen

that our story is not worth telling. 

Your Story is Worth Telling.

My promise to you

I have done as much research, reading and practice as I can for over a year now and I will continue to do so indefinitely. I have found a technical tattooist to help me learn how to lay in ink and how to focus my practice, I have invested in good equipment, high quality inks and needles. I will never make you feel rushed or unheard, I will book appointments much longer than needed because unlike a piercing where the finished product is shared between us, your Inkling is YOURS and not mine and I will always promise to do the best by you and your story as I can do. 

I have a story that I carry with me, I need to mark it on myself to always remember. The ink may be small but my story is enormous and heavy. The ink doesn't tell my whole story,

My story is inside me and the ink is where the lines of the story within me meet the lines of my body outside me.

The ink is a bond between my inner and my outer -

my ink is not just a tattoo… 

it is an Inkling. 

Inkling/ /ˈŋklŋ/

(n) 1. A slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint

2. A little ink for a big story

The Process

If you would like to book an Inkling, you need to contact me directly for a consultation. You can text or call me on 07710653533, email or pop in during opening hours.

We will discuss your design ideas, any worries you may have and anything else you want to talk about and then I will make an appointment to see or speak to you again to complete your Inkling

Inklings is launching in August 2019, at which stage prices will be £40 set up fee and £10 an hour thereafter, the price will rise each month as I gain experience and will include your consultation, all materials and time, aftercare appointments and touch-ups if needed, an aftercare package and exclusive sole use of the studio so that you can live in the moment while your Inkling is completed, safe in the knowledge that you will not be interrupted or expected to suppress your feelings or lose your focus.

During your consultation, as well as the Inkling itself you will be able to request the music and drinks and snacks as well as breaks or who you want to bring along with you. We want to make your experience unique to you because we understand how important your story is and that your comfort and memories of this time are more important than anything else. You can choose to chat during your Inkling or request that you be left to your own thoughts, you are welcome to have your own music or books on headphones or on the sound system, I won’t even mind if you sing along! You can request some extra time before we begin or after we finish to ground yourself in the studio or complete a meditation exercise, you can request any small detail you feel like you may want and we will do all we can to accommodate it.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this service, or any other of our services and thank you for taking the time to research us here.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to being a part of your story. xx