our Mission


we believe that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness

I have had over 35 piercings in my lifetime. I have never been to the same piercer more than once. The reason for this is that there is so often an attitude in this industry. When I walk into a piercing shop, I don't want to feel like everyone there is judging me. I don't want to feel like I'm not "cool" enough to be welcomed or taken seriously. 

It makes me very sad that customer service in the piercing and tattooing industry is so often lacking. A big part of what we do is look after people both physically and emotionally and I take huge pride in the customer service I offer to everyone, all the time and without exception.

As a body piercer, I never want anyone to feel like they aren't welcome to be here, I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and helping them achieve the exact look they want from their piercings. I take this aspect of my work very seriously, so I will always book a 30 minute slot for each customer, so there's plenty of time and no one needs to be rushed. 

I'm basically just super ruddy nice. 


We believe that everyone who pays for a piercing should end up with a piercing


Piercings are beautiful and important and should last forever. But unfortunately that is not always how it goes. So often piercings are lost because balls unscrew, they have to be removed because of pregnancy or illness or MRI scans...people get drunk and take them out and lose them...and the next thing you know you've paid a load of money for something you no longer have. This is rubbish. 

At Psara Piercing, all piercings come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if you lose your piercing FOR ANY REASON AT ALL it will be re-pierced for you without charge as many times as necessary for your whole life. Or mine. Whoever goes first. 

Additionally, all piercings include a luxury aftercare package which includes a spare ball and healing balm. 

Your piercing is my piercing, this is my art and I love it. I will always look after your piercings and help you to do the same. 

I'm basically just super ruddy nice. 


We believe that all piercers should hold the Diploma in Body Piercing, accredited by the BSBP AND CPD and should abide by the standards set by the British Association OF BODY PIERCERS.


Body piercing is currently NOT REGULATED by UK law. At the moment, a premises needs to be licensed by the local environmental health department - which means certain hygiene standards must be met (which is definitely good) but outside that, anyone can be a piercer. 

Lots of piercers self-train through trial and error (ouch!!!) or by watching YouTube videos (hmmm). 

The BBPA (British Body Piercing AssociatioN) was founded in 2000 by Keith Fakenbridge in order to establish a base standard for piercers in the UK. Keith worked with the government and with the Department of Health (as well as with the legal system) towards the establishment of a recognised accreditation for body piercers in the UK. In 2017 Keith handed down the British School of Body Piercing and the association (now renamed the BABP- British Association of Body Piercers) to me - an enormous compliment and privilege.

The association aims to unite body piercers in maintaining high standards across the industry by approaching our work with a research based and not a tradition based approach to health and safety, piercing techniques and aftercare and to advance the application of legislation to stop rogue piercers from causing harm to clients.