Have you always dreamed of being a piercer but never known where to start? READ ON!!

Do you fancy learning to pierce for something to do? To be able to pierce just mates and family? This is not the course for you.

Six Day Course


This course is unlike any other in the industry. With full training in the science and principles that underlie safe and precise piercing, this course requires dedication and passion and a willingness to work extremely hard.

The courses are all taught by a qualified teacher - this means that learning can be personalised to suit your individual strengths and adapted for any specific learning needs you may have. You are not expected to have any existing qualifications to be accepted onto the course, however you will need to utilise a wide variety of skills to be a successful professional piercer such as literacy, numeracy, mathematical thinking, an eye for symmetry, attention to fine details, creativity, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

It cannot be overstated that this is a demanding course and you must be prepared to work hard each day and often well into the evenings.

Unlike other courses with large groups and minimal interaction with instructors or clients, we admit only one or two students per course. This means that all 40 teaching hours (minimum) are dedicated to your own personal learning styles, evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses and focusing on individual needs to become the best piercer you can become.

There is a full day of learning through live client piercings where you will perform between 20-40 piercings and receive feedback on each client and every piercing. Specific piercings can be booked for you at short notice because of our extensive client base and you are guaranteed to gain the experiences needed to be confident in each of the piercings you learn.

The course is roughly an equivalent standard to an AS level course and students are assessed in both practical and theoretical elements. The pass mark is 70% and is not guaranteed. Teaching days are split into 2.5 days theory, 2.5 days practical and 1 day of assessment. Marks are weighted to 60% practical (3-5 unsupervised piercings) and 40% theory (3 hour written exam) and your final grade will be given from a pass to a distinction, depending on your marks: with 70% set as the pass rate, 80% pass with merit and 90% pass with distinction. A Certificate of Excellence is awarded for any single element of outstanding skill shown and/or a mark of over 90% in either assessment area.

This course is only for those who are serious and passionate about becoming true experts in body piercing. If you are considering piercing as a hobby or as a side hustle to an existing career this may not be the right course for you. Please message if you would like to discuss anything and we will happily call you back to talk.

The six day intensive course is held at the school in Colchester, Essex. Course hours are 10-5 with an hour for lunch and one-to-one assistance available from 9-10 and 5-6 each day apart from day 6. 

The course is designed to take students from absolute beginner status to competent and confident body piercers. It is ideal for students who are already working as tattooists or in the hair and beauty industry. The course is also an excellent choice for anyone who is changing careers and who has a head for business, an eye for detail and an obsession with hygiene! 

The course includes a practical and written assessment (with no lengthy writing required)

Trainees will have the use of all equipment in the studio environment during their training. This may include both observation of and participation in client appointments during each day. 

The diploma is a personal merit at the time of issue and will not apply to any other person. It does not apply to the studio/clinic/salon where the person may be employed: unlike a council license, it qualifies an individual and NOT a premises. Discounts may be offered for workplaces sending more than one employee to a course, please contact us to discuss this. 

When a course is marked as full, a space may become available at short notice. If you would like to be on a waiting list for cancellations for a particular course, please contact us. 


The course fee is £900

A deposit of £200 is required to secure your place. 

Payment in full must be cleared ONE MONTH before the commencement of the course.


Upcoming Course Dates:

JULY 29th - august 3rd - FULL

AUGUST 26th - 31st - FULL






JANUARY 13th-18th - 1 space available

Further dates will be added


Two Day Course

The two day foundations course is held at the school in Colchester, Essex. Course hours are 10-5 with an hour for lunch and one-to-one assistance available from 9-10 and 5-6 each day if required. 

The course is designed to take students from absolute beginner status to being ready to begin an apprenticeship. It is ideal for students who have an offer of an apprenticeship with a body piercer as it gives a thorough understanding of the foundations of becoming an expert piercer. Unlike the six-day course, the two-day course does not go into great detail, does not include any practical or written assessment and does not award a diploma in Body Piercing. Attendees will be awarded a Pre-Apprenticeship Foundations of Body Piercing Certificate as well as a personal reference from the school if needed. Students may wish to book a one-to-one single day course to be assessed for the full diploma at a later date. 

The course fee is £400 per student with a discounted rate available for workplaces sending more than one employee, please contact us to discuss this. Course fees must be paid in full to secure a place on a course. 

The dates for the two day courses are flexible throughout the year. There is currently a waiting list for these courses. 


one day courses

The one-day courses are held at the school in Colchester, Essex. Some accreditations require an assessment of a piercer in situ in which case the assessor will travel to you (within the United Kingdom only).

One-day courses are personalised to meet the needs of existing piercers seeking to improve their confidence in certain areas such as genital piercing, dermal anchors or business development.  

The courses are designed to meet the needs of an individual and advance students from competent practising piercers to experts in one particular area. A BSBP Certificate of Excellence will be awarded on completion of the course to a satisfactory standard. 

One day courses may be booked by existing piercers who wish to complete the BSBP assessments and be awarded the Diploma in Body Piercing.

Admittance to the one-day courses is dependent on AT LEAST 6 months of piercing experience. 

Studios, clinics and salons who wish to attain accreditation from the British School of Body Piercing may also book a one-day inspection and assessment of working practices to be awarded BSBP Approved Piercer Status.

Course fees are as follows:

Personalised one-day course for Certificate of Excellence: £300

BSBP Diploma Assessment: £200

BSBP Inspection and Assessment for Approved Piercer Status: £500 (plus travel expenses where applicable)

The BSBP Diploma in Body Piercing, Certificate in Genital Piercing and Foundation of Body Piercing courses are CPD accredited.

The BSBP Diploma in Body Piercing, Certificate in Genital Piercing and Foundation of Body Piercing courses are CPD accredited.